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Rocket and Music by pencilHead7 Rocket and Music :iconpencilhead7:pencilHead7 211 19
China x Reader: The Nightingale Part 1
“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” ― Mandy Hale
Yao was a lover of beautiful things – though he, himself, did not fancy being called beautiful. He lived in a beautiful palace full of beautiful things from different countries as well as his own. He never ventured outside of the palace walls. It wasn’t very pretty out there. From what parts he had seen, the world was full of filth – beggars on the street in dirty and tattered clothes that looked as if they had never bathed in their lives. And the upper class wasn’t much. At least, not in comparison to him. You might say the emperor was very vain.
So vain it made choosing a bride difficult. And once he found someone whose beauty he found worthy, he found her to be insufferable and refused to marry her. But at least he could take comfort by surrounding himself with beautiful things.
On the edge of the kingdom near the d
:iconmagixfire:MagixFire 26 6
The Man Who Can't be Moved (Denmark x Reader)
Mathias made his way down the street, kicking a rock in his path. With a sigh he pulled out his cellphone and dialed the same number for, what seemed like, the thousandth time this week. He waited anxiously as it rang preparing to leave (Y/N) yet another message.
“We are sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.”
“What?! She changed her phone number!?” The blonde male exclaimed as his phone slipped from his palms. He watched it clatter to the ground but only stared at it as he felt tears form in his eyes. “(Y/N) must be really desperate to keep me away if she went this far.”
He wiped at his eyes with his sleeves before picking his phone up and continuing down the street. He had only walked a few steps when he felt his phone ring in his pocket. He pulled it out excitedly hoping (Y/N) was returning one of his old messages. To his disappointment it was only a text from his friend Tino.
‘Mathias? Are
:icondessiekarma:dessiekarma 390 117
Russia x Reader: Father Frost
You hated your stepmother. You hated her to the point that if anything happened to her, you doubted you could even pretend to care. The same went for her daughter – your stepsister. How could your sweet, loving father have married such a witch? It had to be for beauty. There was no doubt that your stepmother was a very beautiful woman and her daughter was pretty as well. But what did it matter if someone could look like an angel and behave like a devil?
The feeling was mutual by the way. Every day you grew more beautiful and, despite your hatred, more virtuous. You were kind to all and respected everyone (unless they didn’t deserve it). Needless to say that the daughter hated you too. She grew prettier but remained as cruel as ever, showing kindness only when she desired something and contempt when she didn’t.
“Good morning, ______,” greeted your father as you entered the kitchen.
“Good morning to you as well, father,” you chirped as you placed
:iconmagixfire:MagixFire 267 82
Denmark x Reader: The Wild Swans
Your father was a very affectionate man. He was full of love and kindness. He had even married three times, showing each bride a love and kindness no woman had ever known before. His only major flaw might have been that he was not always a good judge of character and that showed now in your eyes as you eyed his newest bride – soon to be your new stepmother – as she walked down the aisle. She had long raven locks and a slender waist and eyes so green they could make the jade stones your brothers had once brought from the east pale in comparison. You stood there in a pale __f/c__ ball gown with a small bouquet in your hand. You hated this woman. No matter how much kindness she showed you, you couldn’t shake the awful feeling she brought around. Your brothers said you were being silly, but you just couldn’t brush the feeling off.
You had nine wonderful older brothers and two younger one. They were (in order from oldest to youngest): Allistor, Gilbert, Francis, Anto
:iconmagixfire:MagixFire 224 63
ArminxReader - Along the Way
Armin had fallen asleep again, studying the books that Hanji had lent to him. You sighed, walked over to him and looked down at what he was reading. The Study of a Titan's Anatomy. Definitely Hanji, no doubt on that. You poked his shoulder. In return, he groaned and shifted, but otherwise stayed sleeping.
Knowing that there was no use in trying to wake him up, you went and grabbed a blanket to cover him up with. You made sure that the top was pulled on him far enough up to where it wouldn't slip off while he slept. Once you were satisfied with this, you blew out a few of the candles in the room, leaving one on in case he woke up in the middle of the night.
He seemed relaxed; peaceful. You hadn't seen him this calm, and in all truth, you loved the way he looked when he slept. It's as if all his problems were gone, and he was left with just who he was, and you liked that. Who he was was good, and you never entirely saw that until just now.
You sighed and walked back over to him,
:iconjean-kirschtein:Jean-Kirschtein 89 21
Trace. (Red X Blind!Reader)

Request By: kingofsass
Colour: Orchid and Violet
Character: Red
Additional Info: Blind!Reader
Word Count: 714
You exit the quaint café with the taste of hazelnut coffee and pistachio macarons lingering on your tongue.
It's gotten chillier outside, as the two of you had spent nearly two hours just chatting away. The sun has been down for a while now, so you opt for a lamplit walk in the park. It's sometimes hard for you to tell, but you're at least able to deduce whether or not the sun is out from the blurred outlines that fill your limited vision.
Red gives you his jacket, so you have him hold your cane as you put your arms through the holes. It's surprisingly warm, though it's a tad large on you.
Cool summer nights are your favourite, with the dancing breeze tickling your face and the chirping of crickets reminding you of your childhood.
It's silent for a bi
:icondinosauruses:dinosauruses 30 18
Brother Knows Best (Yandere Levi x reader)
~~~warning for suggestive themes and SPOILERS. You have been warned child.
(Name) pouted as she was cleaning the cannons on wall rose.
That's right.
(Name) was in the Garrison, not by choice. Her adopted brother Levi Ackerman, Humanity's strongest made her join the Garrison for fear that she could be eaten by a titan.
(Name)'s skills weren't good enough for the top ten, so she couldn't  join the military police. So the next option was the Garrison.
It wasn't fair, (name) wanted to defend humanity. Slay titans left and right, by her brothers side.
"Oi, brat."
Startled (name) looks behind her to see her older adoptive brother.
"Hello brother, wh-what are you doing here? I thought you were going on a expedition today."
Levi looks away making his usual stoic face as the wind brushes past his green "wings of freedom" coat, holding it down with his hand.
"I came to check on you."
(Name) nods with a smile gracing her lips, levi was indeed an over-protective older brother. Even the slight
:iconrukia2011:Rukia2011 339 71
hope.| eren x socially anxious!reader
"You know all I want to do is help."
His gentle knocks echoed throughout the small apartment, breaking you of your trance. Your knees stayed tucked against your chest as your eyes flickered to the oak door. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes threatening to spill in a moments notice. But you wouldn't let them. What was there to cry for? You were just one of those people that didn't quite enjoy socializing. The term 'normal' was different for everyone.  
"It will only get worse..." 
The worry in his voice was so evident. Making it harder and harder to hold the river of tears from flowing down your cheeks. But you continued to hold them back as if you were barricading them in. 

Still, why was he so worried? You were fine. You felt fine. There was nothing for you out there. Nothing you could offer the world. Here the fear would not shake your body, make you feel like running away to a dark cave. To never be found again. Here you didn't feel the tightness of you
:iconblu-nght:blu-nght 9 6
Lycanveon by TsaoShin Lycanveon :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 4,231 392 Ariel washed ashore by Yuuza Ariel washed ashore :iconyuuza:Yuuza 6,540 450
The Two Ugly Stepsisters
The Two Ugly Sisters
Anastasia still remembered the day when Cinderella arrived. It was burned into her mind; the memory caused her physical pain. Anastasia and her sister Drizella had never been completely confident in how they looked- Drizella thought her face was too round and Anastasia believed her hair was too red. Her personality, meek and mild, could never quite meet the expectations set by her flaming red hair. But when Cinderella arrived, it only worsened.
(The grand oak doors open to reveal two figures, obscured by the sun's bright rays. They step forward, clasping their shaking hands together. Their faces are revealed: one weathered, wrinkles deepened like scars left by his wife's death. One beautiful and slender, with smooth skin and symmetrical features framed by soft blonde hair. But her eyes...they were sad, disturbed eyes. Eyes that had seen things no child should have seen. There was something else in them, something hard and cold. A burning, mad rage. This girl was a
:icononceimagined:OnceImagined 4 2
Twist Fate - Peter Pan
"Papa, Papa, please read me a story!" 
The little girl asks her father with glee.
"Alright then, just one more, and then to bed.
Now cuddle up close, lay down your head."

Once upon a time lived little Wendy,
Who thought that her life was rather bland.
But, with her imagination and teddy,
She met fairies and saw far away lands.
Imagine her surprise when she saw that,
Perched on her windowsill, was a young man!
"Who are you?" she asked, to which he tipped his hat -
"I'm the one and only, the great Peter Pan."
He held out his hand, and she knew what to do:
She grabbed it real tight, and away they flew!
Over mountains, forests and gurgling streams,
Like a compilation of her best dreams!
And at last their journey came to an end
As they landed on a lush little isle.
"Welcome to my humble home, my dear friend,"
Said Peter Pan with a big, friendly smile.
From that day on, Wendy had so much fun:
She sang and played games, picked flowers and drew,
Bathed in the ocean, pranced under
:iconmnemofysh:Mnemofysh 16 21
Twist Fate: The Emperor's New Clothes
Once upon a time, there lived an Emperor who had an obsession with clothes and all things regalia.
So much was his obsession that he forwent his duties as Emperor to satisfy this unearthly hunger for grandeur.
There came a year during his reign when plague and famine racked the Empire. The citizens, ill and starved, approached their Emperor's castle gates and pleaded for guidance. Yet he dismissed them with a wave of his hand. This action sparked hatred within his people and whispers of his feeble mindedness found their way into every nook and cranny of the land.
The Emperor, oblivious to his decreasing popularity, carried on in ignorant bliss when, one day, the rumor of two weavers possessing the magic to create mystical clothes captivated his attention. As a clothes connoisseur, the Emperor thought it only right that he be the one to acquire such treasure and immediately sent his retainers to apprehend and deliver the weaver pair to him.
It was spoken that the fabric woven by the two
:iconthecroissantthief:TheCroissantThief 33 170
Unless--But It Never Happened [The Lorax]
With the seed in hand, the young boy finally returned to his synthetic hometown of Thneedville.
His heart was racing at an unbelievably fast pace, his breathing got heavy, and multiple scenarios and questions clouded his mind and his vision. When did he even get to town, though? He hardly noticed that anymore. He should be relieved that he even got back alive and unscathed, considering the condition the valley he came from was in, but that didn't matter now. His focus was completely centered on the very last seed that he now held in his hand.
Imagine! The last truffula seed... It could do just so much for this town and its people. A new, better way of life. Everyone would be happier and healthier, and everything would be less... artificial. Nature would spring up again, and so many new possibilities would arise.
He scanned his surroundings, eyeing all the fake trees and plants that completely covered the town. By the sidewalk, there parked the O'Hare Air Delivery Service, bringing in a
:iconnutsandbees:NutsAndBees 11 24



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Hey guys I moved my writing stuff to a new profile, so I could give my brain a fresh start

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If anyone has sent me a llama and I haven't replied to you I'm  sorry. Thanks so much for your time.
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